Power Edge Pro Defenseman CampsThe focus is position specific to become an elite defenseman. Learn how to read fore check pressure with quick escape skating, gap control, angling, play along the boards, and strong net front coverage. There will be defensive play emphasis on-defensive zone play, defending the rush, 1-on-1, 2-on-1 tactics.

We will cover offensive situations–power play, joining and leading the rush, reading and jumping into the slot.

Power Edge Pro training will focus on puck skills, balance, agility, lateral movement, pivots, and a strong emphasis on mobility. Defensemen will also learn how to create offensive shooting lanes, one-timers, quick releases and transition play in the zones.

Key benefits include:

  • Specific skating techniques for defensemen
  • One on one skill development
  • Outnumbered defensive situation
  • Offensive puck, passing and shooting skills
  • PP and PK play
  • Defensive and Offensive support options

About our Camps

More than ever today hockey is about speed and agility and the ability to play in small areas. Players need to have strong puck control skills and be able to execute these skills at a high tempo.

During a typical one hour Power Edge Pro training a player:

  • takes 50 shots
  • executes 45 cross overs
  • 85 power turns
  • 55 edge control moves
  • 45 changes of direction
  • 35 balance and agility moves
  • 55 puck control/stickhandling moves
  • 45 weak side training moves
  • 40 transition moves with fakes and dekes

All with the puck!

PEP training works on edge control, puck skills, agility, balance, acceleration and regenerating speed. Our training is done with a puck on player’s sticks as they train.

Camps are limited to 24 skaters, plus goaltenders to allow for more activity and more individual instruction and correction.

Check back for dates in your areas, or contact us for information.