Conner Mcdavid


“I started training with Power Edge Pro when I was 10 and the years of PEP Training circuits and unique repetitions have been a major advantage for me.”

"Power Edge Pro is something I truly believe in. To watch it evolve and see where it is today is amazing. It’s truly the best trainer out there.”

NHL superstar and Hart Trophy winner Connor McDavid began training with PEP founder Joe Quinn a decade ago, and continues to use the PEP system to this day.

The McDavid Skills series

The McDavid “skills series” is a “developmental blueprint” to follow for elite skills & tactics development. Connor McDavid started this unique training with power edge pro almost a decade ago. 

McDavid practiced twice a week from September to march during his developmental years and continues to train with pep. The McDavid Skills Series is about improving the performance of hockey players at all levels.

 Connor McDavid demonstrates and offers voice over comments on a variety of the unique pep skills training circuits. We provide our patented PEP training system, support technology licensing and on-line coaching resources to support organizations from minor hockey to the NHL