Wes Wilding 

Wes Wilding PEP Jr Ambassador

– 10 yrs old

– has been training with PEP Level 3 Instructor Steve DuBarry for the past 3 seasons

– elevated his game this year by making the London Jr Knights AAA team this season (after playing AA last year)

– has been very instrumental in helping his team win the Nations Cup going 5-0 in the tournament, as well as his teams success throughout the season and now in the play-offs.

– ‘Wes has been awesome to train over the last 3 years as he not only gives 100%, but enjoys the training and has fun. His skills are developing rapidly and he is able to do things on the ice that players 3-4 years older than him cannot do. He shows up to his PEP trainings religiously even after his own teams practices and games, and his hard work is certainly showing’. It will be a pleasure to have Wes playing for Power Edge Pro this spring!