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Discover the PEP association model. A system of development specifically designed to help your players get the most out of every practice.

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Traditional player development models focus on isolated skill development. Players have one practice for power skating, one practice for puck handling and another for shooting. The biggest void with this training model is that players never become efficient at all of these skills at once. They become great skaters OR great puck handlers… but never great multitaskers.

Proven Performance

Having the ability to react to a player at full speed and counter is one skill you must master to play at the elite level. Players that have acquired this skill set extend more plays and react better under pressure. 

After years of working with the best players in hockey, PEP has developed 3, scientifically proven training methodologies. They are designed to enhance muscle memory so players can react better in high pressure situations. Reactive Countering Training™, Reactive Linear Crossovers™ and extreme Multi-Tasking represent the 3 pillars of the PEP development model and are at the heart of every practice.


PEP is constantly evolving and progressively challenging. Regardless of age of skill level, the PEP system will push your players to another level. Players like Connor McDavid train with PEP to this day because they recognize that dedicated, repetitive skill practices are the key to unlocking player potential. The Power Edge Pro system was built to overload each progression and is the ultimate catalyst for player improvement.

"PEP Trains the demands of the game."

– Dr. Kelly Lockwood, Brock University 

It's all about Reps.

Player development isn’t about the number of hours you spend on the ice. It’s about the number of quality repetitions you can squeeze into the ice time you have. PEP’s revolutionary 6 zone training model results in 5X’s the number of repetitions of a standard skills based practice. Your players spend more time where it matters…with a puck on their stick.

PEP isn't just for your players.

We empower your coaches with resources designed to help them run world class player development practices. Regardless of their experience or playing level, if they can coach traditional flow drills, they can instruct the PEP system. The PEP association model includes:

Empower coaches

the pep development model isn't just for minor hockey players. our team will run an in-person certification so your coaches feel confident teaching the elite skills used by today's top nhl superstars.

On-ice resources

with the pep ipad app, you can take a suggested practice plan on the ice with you. coaches of any level or playing experience can now execute quality skills practices designed to maximize your player's development.

Monthly update webinars with top pep instructors

are your coaches hungry for even more knowledge? they can tune in to our monthly webinars where top pep instructors share their professional insight on player development.

cost recovery

cover the costs of your player development program by running a three day pep fundraiser camp.


The McDavid Dangler “Quick Hands” off-ice program is available to further build elite skill sets off the ice. Players can now build “Reactive Countering” repetitions, Elite Puck Placement skills and dramatically improve hand speed before ever stepping on the ice. Gain access to 20 instructional videos narrated and demonstrated by PEP Ambassador Connor McDavid

Hit play to watch Connor put his skills on display with the McDavid Dangler off-ice training program.


Ages 8-12 are critical for developing the neuro-motor skills required to succeed in today’s game. Are your players getting the most out of their ice time?

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