How do you get more reps in less time?

The NEW GENERATION of Elite Hockey Player is Developing Reactive Countering™ Skill Sets.

Practice the way you play: Under Pressure

The foundation of the PEP skillset,  Reactive Countering Training™ forces players to develop evasive skating techniques, increased reaction time, and respond faster to create more opportunities.

Reactive Countering Training™



When a skater attacks the PEP “RCT” Gear at full speed, how quickly can the player react and counter under pressure. High Speed actions have to be executed putting demands on the player that REQUIRE reactions of the hands, feet, upper body and mind simultaneously.

Most players lose their speed when they have to execute multiple motor skills. RCT training promotes SPEED with execution.



When a D-man attacks the top of the PEP “RCT” Gear and transitions from forward to backwards under forecheck pressure, how quickly can the D-man counter with an escape without turning over the puck at full speed. Reactive Countering™ Repetitions at full speed prepare the D-man for smoother execution in high traffic situational play.



While the forwards execute a 3 shot cycle circuit , the D-men are working a give & go defence circuit. At the end of both circuits, the F-1 and F-2 forwards attack both D-men for a 1 on 1 down the ice.