Launching 09/2023

The OHL/PEP Centre of Excellence is a development initiative creating a premier and unparalleled in-season development experience for Minor Hockey players in Ontario.

Both the OHL and PEP are excited to introduce a progressive and engaging performance proven program that creates an opportunity for players to be exposed to OHL quality teaching methods and new skill acquisition through PEP’s Reactive Countering™ & Reactive Linear Crossover™ trainings.

the Centre of excellence will be available in:

North Bay
Sault Ste. Marie
St. Catharines
Thunder Bay

Performance Proven

Above: Historical Draft Results for PEP Trained Players

PEP delivers a patented, unmatched, & elite training experience with an unparalleled record of developing players.


  • Reactive Countering Training™ is critical to player development by initiating much earlier development of elite skills through “Progressional overloading” of the motor skills.
  • PEP’s expertise in teaching the proper firing sequence of muscle groups simultaneously has consistently helped players develop higher response times, faster decision times and quicker skating speed in situational play.


“I started training with Power Edge Pro when I was 10 and the years of PEP Training circuits and unique repetitions have been a major advantage for me. To watch PEP evolve and see where it is today is amazing. It’s truly the best trainer out there.”

– Connor McDavid

The perfect development partnership

The Ontario Hockey League is regarded one of the top player development leagues in the world and continues to be a leading supplier of talent to both the National Hockey League and Canada’s National Teams at all levels, as well as U SPORTS (Canadian University) hockey.

The centre of excellence curriculum

Develop evasive skating techniques, improve small area performance, and build world-class multi-tasking skills.

Power Edge Pro’s revolutionary development system utilizes Reactive Countering Training™ (RCT) to improve players’ on-ice performance. RCT trains players to extend plays, handle the puck in high-speed traffic, and execute at a much higher speed. The program uses innovative equipment that provides resistance and engages players with challenging lanes and angles for situational play. 

PEP also teaches Reactive Linear Crossover Training™ (RLC), which helps players develop explosive skating movements, including linear and lateral speed, transitional speed, and separation speed. Additionally, the program emphasizes developing “Inside Game Skills” such as reactive puck placement for creating offense and countering defenders. 


Before they wowed the crowd, they put in the reps.

What do Connor McDavid, Jack Hughes, Owen Power, and Connor Bedard all have in common?  PEP’s revolutionary Reactive Countering Training™ allowed them to get more high quality, game transferable repetitions in less time. Players like Connor McDavid train with PEP to this day because they recognize that dedicated, repetitive skill practices are the key to unlocking their potential.

A study conducted by Brock University in 2017 found that the Power Edge Pro on-ice training provided over 300 tactical puck touches in a one-hour session on average. 

Regardless of age or skill level, the PEP system will push players to another level because it was built to overload each progression. Power Edge Pro is the ultimate path to elite performance.


Homework your player will actually want to do.

We estimate that Connor McDavid has performed around 500,000 PEP reps throughout his career. Not only did he make the most out of every on-ice training session, but he also worked on improving his weaknesses off the ice, even in his garage or basement.

To offer all Centre of Excellence players the same opportunity, we have created an off-ice puck handling curriculum that enables them to identify their weak areas from previous training sessions and work on them before returning to the ice. 

While enrolled in the COE Program, players will take home the RCT Off-Ice Trainer to work on quick hands and accurate puck-placement touches. By doing so, they can enhance their development at a much faster rate and make the most of their time on the ice. 

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