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Launching 09/2023

The OHL/PEP Centre of Excellence is a development initiative creating a premier and unparalleled in-season development experience for Minor Hockey players in Ontario.

Both the OHL and PEP are excited to introduce a progressive and engaging performance proven program that creates an opportunity for players to be exposed to OHL quality teaching methods and new skill acquisition through PEP’s Reactive Countering™ & Reactive Linear Crossover™ trainings.

No other development system in the world has graduated more players to the NHL.

Power Edge Pro utilizes Reactive Countering Training™ (R.C.T.) to engage multiple motor skills simultaneously and develop a player’s small area game performance. All patterns are completed while maintaining puck control and are designed to provide 5x as many repetitions as standard drill based practices, leading to faster development of elite skills.

Introducing the Patented intelligent PEP gear

The PEP Intelligent Reactive Countering™ Training (R.C.T.) Gear is a major advancement in Hockey Testing.

Consistent, performance proven testing protocols have been developed to acquire data of real game situational skills that have never been captured before. No hockey company in the world has the testing capabilities like the Intelligent R.C.T. Gear.

Why train with Power Edge Pro?


Reactive Countering

The foundation of the PEP skillset,  Reactive Countering Training™ forces players to develop evasive skating techniques, increased reaction time, and respond faster to create more opportunities.



PEP circuits are designed to overload a player’s motor skills. The goal is to simulate the pressures of real game situations and force players to manage multiple skills simultaneously. The hands, feet and brain work together under extreme pressure to improve drill execution and overall game performance.


Reactive Linear

What is your stride to crossover ratio? The top 25 NHL players crossover once every 4 strides, compared to once every 12-14 strides for the average third or fourth line NHLer. This enables players like Connor McDavid to accelerate on the rush, weave in-and-out of traffic and always maintain forward momentum. 

The PEP Reactive Linear Crossover circuit was created to develop elite level Linear Crossovers as it forces the skater to develop a low stride to crossover ratio.  



Used by over 100 of today’s top NHL players, Power Edge Pro is a superior training system that produces noticeable improvements in just a couple of sessions.


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